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Upholstery Care: A Guide to Keeping Fabric Lampshades Bright

A simple 4 step guide to keeping your fabric lamp shades as bright as the first day you brought it home. 

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Need your carpets cleaned? Things to consider:

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning services we know you’re looking for a thoroughly hygienically clean carpet combined with great service and at a very reasonable price. What else could you possible want? How about what chemicals are used to clean your carpets?

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What to do before your professional carpet cleaner arrives.

You have received the quote and locked in a professional carpet cleaner to refresh your floors.

Whether you are moving in or out of a property or simply wanting to have your home looking brighter than before – a professional carpet cleaner is a right decision.

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5 Signs Your Upholstered Furniture Needs a Professional Clean

Furniture is an expensive investment, so to ensure you get many years of use out of it, it needs looking after. For upholstery, the longevity will relate to how well it's treated. Keeping it clean will ensure you get many years of use out of your furniture. To help you identify whether it's time to care for your couch, here are five signs that your furniture needs a professional clean.

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Maintaining your tiles between professional cleans

Tile flooring is one of the priciest investments in your home, so it’s strange to think they are often neglected. To ensure your tiles and grout are looking like they did the day they were installed, it is important to invest some time in regular cleaning. 

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Your one-stop checklist to cleaning your house before moving out.

If just the thought of moving house makes you feel tense and stressed, you wouldn’t be the only one. Make it easier through our services!

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Controlling pests in your home

They are the unwanted house guests. The visitors who nibble at your food, leave droppings in undesirable locations and creep around the hallways at night. They are the ultimate pest.

Not only is a pest problem just plain annoying, but it exposes your home and your family to health and hygiene issues, as well as a potential threat to safety when it comes to critters like termites. Here are a few facts you should know when it comes to pest control, to ensure the health and safety of your home and family.

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5 Expert Solutions to Carpet Problems

Given time, most carpets will start to experience problems. The carpets laid in your home can easily become defaced over the years; from smaller issues like snagging on objects to more severe ones like burns or stains. At a deeper level, your carpets may also start to feel different too, losing their softness and cushion.

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5 reasons for a regular steam carpet clean

Steam cleaning has been one of the most popular methods for cleaning carpets since the 1960s. Because it’s a hot-water-extraction process, it offers many more benefits than other treatments, and it’s known for being one of the most effective ways to protect your carpets and extend their lifespan. 

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Healthier carpets and a germ-free home:


Carpets are a great flooring option. When they’re well cared for, they’re very comfortable underfoot (especially in the cold months), and they can add an attractive element to the style of your home. But where there are people, there’s germs and mess: learn how to maintain a healthier carpet and germ-free home. 


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Cleaning and maintaining leather furniture

Leather furniture can be a good investment for many homes: it adds a touch of sophistication and timeless elegance, and a little glamour to enjoy in your leisure hours—with the added benefit of durability and a long lifetime.


With these benefits comes maintenance: without proper care and cleaning, your leather furniture may lose its lustre, soft and supple texture, and rich colour as it ages—or suffer damage from sun exposure and neglect. But the good news is that there are a few easy ways to protect and nourish your leather furniture with very little effort, so it’ll age gracefully, and you’ll be able to enjoy the distinguished look and luxurious texture for many years.

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Restoring your home after a flood

As a Brisbane resident, you will have seen first hand the devastation that unexpected flooding can have on families and their homes. Unfortunately, the unpredictable Queensland climate and its extreme seasonal weather events are a part of our lives—as are accidents from overfilled bathtubs, leaking appliances, and burst pipes.

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How to care for your rugs

Proper rug care involves different processes according to the size and type of the rug. Specific care is required for the synthetic and natural materials that different rugs are made of, and professional expertise is essential for achieving a safe and thorough clean of your valuable floor coverings. At Terry’s Steam Cleaning, we have the industry knowledge and experience to clean a broad range of rug types, and we have a few general guidelines that will help you to maintain the life and integrity of your rugs.

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