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How much?

This is our most asked question and, believe it or not, the hardest to answer. Type of carpet, room size, level of soiling all influence the price.
Our business has flourished because of great customer service at reasonable prices. This is why thousands of customers use our services on a regular basis and are happy to recommend us.
Once a great clean is experienced, the price is then appreciated.

How do I get an idea of price?

We can usually give you an over-the-phone estimate and this is given as a starting price only.
We will ask you about carpet type, staining, year of last clean etc. Please remember that we want you as part of our customer base for years to come so over-charging does not make sense to us.
It is usual for a job to commence with no price given but we do understand customers want to feel comfortable with an estimate.

What do I have to do before you arrive? Do I have to move all my furniture?

No, we move all the beds and other ‘moveable’ furniture.
We like you to move any breakables like figurines, and pick up clothes, toys etc. It’s also a big help if you clear the driveway so we have easier access to your house.
We will vacuum with our equipment.

How soon can I walk on the carpet?

Immediately.  The main prerequisite is clean socks only, until it is fully dry.

Drying time varies depending on carpet type, ventilation and the weather.  Some dry winter days are better for drying than some humid days in summer.


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