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Terry’s Steam Cleaning Solutions have been cleaning rugs for 23 years, safe to say, we are experts. After cleaning thousands of rugs, we have an excellent understanding of the different types of rugs, their structure, origin and how they need to be treated.

Rugs, like carpet, need to be looked after. Stain preventing, regular care and cleaning are just as important for rugs as it is for carpets.

To help maintain the condition of your rugs, there are four basic actions you can take.

1. Dirt prevention.

To keep your rugs looking their best, avoid dirt getting into the fibres, as once it settles, it’s more difficult to get it out. The best way to avoid dirt in your rugs is to get into the habit of removing your shoes at the door. Or avoiding walking on rugs with shoes or dirty socks on. Investing in good quality door mats at all entrances into your house, will capture most of the loose dirt before it can be walked into your rugs.

2. Turning the rugs.

Rugs can become worn in areas of excessive use or general high traffic areas. Sunlight can also can fade some types of rugs after prolonged periods of exposure. The best advice to avoid fading or uneven wear is to turn the rugs. You can turn, flip over (if a reversible rug) or rearrange your furniture to change the amount of traffic to the rug.

3. Vacuuming.

Although you’ve taken the appropriate measures to negate the amount of dirt coming into your household, dirt will still get in. Dirt in the home is inevitable, even if it just is the airborne dust settling. Vacuuming your rugs once a week will go a long way to prevent dirt permanently lodging into the fibres.

We recommend buying a good quality bag-less vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Whilst, more expensive than cheaper models, the investment will pay for itself as the cleaner will have a much longer life span. Also, a good quality vacuum has the added health benefit of reducing allergens in your home.

Vacuuming the underside of the rug, and the floor where it lays are good techniques to reducing rug dust. Also, you can additionally shake your rugs off outside (away from open windows and doorways), which will remove any dirt/dust missed by the vacuum.

4. Spot cleaning.

Spot cleaning is debated in the professional cleaning industry. Some believe you should immediately call a professional and not treat it, for fear of making it worse. However, if use your good judgement and follow these simple ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’, you should be fine in removing/lessening the stain before professional services are needed.


  • Blot at the spill, this will absorb most of the liquid spilt.
  • Blot with a wad of paper towels (kitchen paper towel is extra absorbent), clean tea towel or bath towel.
  • If available, dry the spot with a hairdryer (set on cool) or a portable fan.


  • Rub at the spill. Rubbing will only push the spilled contents further into the fibres of the rug and permanently stain it.
  • Use laundry detergents, or thick and colour detergents. These detergents won’t fully lift from the carpet, which will leave a residue, staining or discolouring the carpet.
  • Spot cleaning is NEVER recommended for pure wool rugs. Pure wool is incredibly absorbent, hard to dry and sensitive to the pH of many cleaners. 
  • Hire a wet-dry vacuum. One’s for rent aren’t often powerful and incorrect use will cause more harm than good.

Hiring a professional cleaner is the best choice of action to clean a rug that has stains, or has been a while since the last professional clean, or has never been professionally cleaned! Terry’s Steam Cleaning Solutions are happy to discuss spot cleaning over the phone and the appropriate care instructions for your type of rug.

The rug cleaning process differs depending on the type of rug, as different materials need to be treated in specific ways. Here are the basic three steps involved in rug cleaning.


Vibration vacuum

Persian and Turkish rugs are very dense rugs. To combat this, these rugs are vacuumed from both sides. The vibration helps to release any sand, soil and dust from deep in the fibres.


Washing process test

The rug is then tested to make sure the colours don’t run (some rugs are coloured using vegetable dyes and may not be colour-fast).

  Rug Cleaning - Terry's Steam Cleaning


Soak & rinse

The rug is then treated with a solution to emulsify soiling and then rinse extracted.

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