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5 Expert Solutions to Carpet Problems


Given time, most carpets will start to experience problems. The carpets laid in your home can easily become defaced over the years; from smaller issues like snagging on objects to more severe ones like burns or stains.
At a deeper level, your carpets may also start to feel different too, losing their softness and cushion.

Wear and tear is part and parcel of daily life, however: for households with pets, young children, or a fondness for messy activities, carpets take quite a pounding and proper carpet cleaning can be a chore.

Households in Brisbane also have to worry about pest control with carpet moths and beetles another cause of carpet wear.

Carpets are an investment so it’s important to give them a thorough treatment to keep them looking their best.

Experts in steam cleaning from Brisbane have put together five solutions to common problems to help you maintain more attractive carpets throughout the home and office.


Unsightly Discolouration


If your carpet is exposed to too much water, or a leak causes moisture damage, the pile may start to display a yellowish tinge. As unsightly as it might be, this is actually a totally natural reaction to moisture due to elements derived from plants inside the carpet.

The solution is equally straightforward as the problem: a thorough cleaning will help to remove it, paying particular attention to the areas most affected. When done professionally, your carpets will be dried thoroughly after cleaning to help repel future carpet stains and give you a long lasting clean.

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Noticeable Shedding


When you fit a new carpet in your home, the initial freshness is a beautiful thing, not to mention that accompanying scent of 'newness'. However, you may well start to notice your pile is starting to shed, creating tiny balls on the carpet itself or in your vacuum.

How has this happened to your carpet? Don't panic. This is perfectly normal – shedding, or appearance of fluff-balls, is simply a hangover from the manufacturing process. To solve this problem, just keep vacuuming on a regular basis, taking care to suck up as many of the balls as you can. Over the next couple of months, you should notice them disappear for good.

Carpet Shedding Steam Cleaning - Terrys Steam Cleaning Brisbane


An Unwelcome Flattened Effect


As frustrating as it can be to see a formerly luxurious pile becoming thinner over time, it is a natural result of foot traffic. When bare feet, shoes, or boots make contact with the carpet, their impact makes the individual fibres untwist until they tangle together. Sadly, this leads to numerous 'crushed' areas across the home, where foot traffic is heaviest. It’s also present where furniture has recently been moved.

However, even homes without so many feet treading across their carpet may well experience this effect through poor maintenance or poor manufacturing quality. To solve this problem, employ the services of carpet cleaning experts who will revitalise the pile to help restore the carpet's original aesthetic.

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Dark Patches at your Carpet's Edges


You may notice a gradual darkening of your carpet, especially in the edges of a room. It’s likely you may also notice this occurs by air vents, doorways, and other areas in which draughts are a common factor.This is no coincidence as the regular airflow causes dirt to be dropped. This is known as 'filtration soiling', and is usually down to poor sealing around the edges of your carpet; over time, the darkening will likely become deeper.

Carpet stains are incredibly unsightly, and can drag down the quality of the entire room. Expert carpet and upholstery cleaners will use an anti-filtration solution to clear these soiled patches, to improve the carpet's appearance, almost to its original standard.

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Fading Colour


Last but by no means least, another common problem you may see in your carpet is fading colour. When buying a new carpet, a major attraction is the colour: this can affect the entire feel of a room, complementing other features and brightening the space for a complete transformation.

When your colour starts to fade though, the respective room can begin to feel old and scruffy. This happens as a natural reaction to direct sunlight, numerous chemicals, and pollutants regularly used in the home. However, you may not actually notice just how much fading has occurred until you move a piece of furniture or have the carpet cleaned.

The best way to handle this is to have your carpet dyed again. However, you could hire a professional steam cleaner with experience in rectifying the condition of the carpet.

Your carpets are one of the first things people notice about your home or business – and we all know how important a good first impression is. A little investment in cleaning and dyeing can work wonders for years to come.


To learn more about the best carpet cleaning Brisbane has to offer and how it can help revitalise your home, give Terry’s Steam Cleaning Solutions a call. We're happy to help.

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