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"Most days for us is like visiting friends, sharing stories about the past year but also making sure we deliver a solid service every time." - Terry 


We first started carpet, rug, leather / fabric upholstery cleaning in September 1994 for a large cleaning company.After about twelve months we became part-owners within this company and ran our part of the business from our home in Chapel Hill. This is how Terry Steam Cleaning first came about. 
Prior to this Terry was a Retail Manager and Karel was an Administration Officer for a merchant bank.  When the 1991 recession was in full flight, within a year or two we both decided to try another career.  
A good friend was a carpet cleaner and worked for the company I started with 22 years ago.  We started cleaning with a portable machine, scrubber and a gas water heater mounted in a small van, cleaning rugs, upholstery and carpet mainly around the Kenmore / Chapel Hill areas.  These days we have a larger outfit and have expanded our expertise to include tile cleaning and sealing, vinyl cleaning and sealing, pest treatments, 'no-touch' bathroom wash downs and security screen washing.
We have been a Husband / Wife 'on-the-road' team since 2011 (and still married!).  Prior to this Terry mainly worked on his own and Karel organised the office bookings.  Now she vacuums the carpets, rugs and upholstery before cleaning, moving beds etc, and helping during the cleaning process.
Shirley is our booking lady and works Monday to Thursday (mornings only), and has been working with us for the past twenty years.  She calls all of our customers and organises the coming weeks / months.  Shirley has been talking to and booking in some of the same clients for two decades.  
We have tried many different ways of cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery but have always come back to steam cleaning (hot water extraction).  This process (when done correctly) extracts and rinses out the greasy soiling from the fibre easily and leaves the fibre clean and chemical-free.
Both of us enjoy cleaning - seeing a clean carpet, rug or sofa and the client's face when finished, is fantastic!  Value for their money is what all customers want and when they see their leather or fabric upholstery looking like new, their rug colours looking bright and fresh or their tiles gleam, it makes our day very satisfying.  
We are constantly improving our service every year and are always learning - you only fail when you stop trying.
Please get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help your steam cleaning needs. We are happy to service all areas in Brisbane particularly the Western Suburbs and surroundings. 

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