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Healthier carpets and a germ-free home:


How steam cleaning can protect your carpets and your family

Carpets have many added benefits most people won’t immediately think of—like absorbing sound, and insulating the rooms for better temperature control.
But where there are people, there’s germs and mess: just by living your daily lives, you and your family can bring unwanted causes of illness and into your home, and your carpet is a comfortable place for them to breed and grow.
It’s also normal that over the course of your family’s life in your home there’ll be some accidental spills and stains in your carpet to deal with—with varying degrees of success, depending on the cause of the stain and the type of carpet.
Luckily, there’s a proven and easy way to protect your carpets from both germs and stains, and to keep your home looking great and your family healthy: steam cleaning.  

Treating germs in your carpet

Carpets in every home are subject to similar threats from the natural environment. Whether it’s dust mites and allergens, dropped hair from the animals and people who live there, or germs walked in on the bottom of shoes, carpet fibres are a good hiding place for microscopic creatures that can cause respiratory infections and other illnesses.  
One of the other main ways germs can find a place to live in your home is throughfood: there’s always a chance that crumbs and other tiny scraps of food will fall into your carpet and be concealed there. If you and your family are accustomed to eating in carpeted areas, it might be worth confining mealtime to dining areas with hard flooring, and making carpeted areas food-free zones.

"Regularly steam cleaning your carpets—just a few times a year—will take care of whatever the vacuum doesn’t catch, and will also help to eradicate harmful bacteria and viruses from your living spaces."

While it’s normal for you and your family to be living among a small ecosystem of microscopic organisms, simple strategies like removing your shoes at the door and regular vacuuming will help to prevent these problems from getting out of control.


Removing stains from your carpet

While regular and thorough vacuuming will definitely help to reduce staining and keep down the numbers of germs and allergens in your carpets, there’s only so much it can do.
Many unwanted substances in your carpet are trodden in on the bottom of shoes, and are lodged too deep in the fibres to be completely removed by vacuuming alone.
Most of the time, scrubbing won’t work for these kinds of stains either, and it will only push them further into the fibres to set the stains, or even increase the numbers of bacteria in the carpet.
Steam cleaning is perfect for removing ground-in stains and spills. It actually lifts the stains out instead of pressuring them deeper into the carpet, and it reaches further into the fibres than any other cleaning method.
A professional carpet cleaning service team will know how to treat different stains on your carpet according to both the source of the stain and the type of fabric in the carpet, which might include different mixes of solutions, and steam cleaning or dry cleaning techniques.
Steam cleaning also doesn’t need a lot of chemical help to remove stains: the boiling water it uses goes a long way on its own towards pulling out stains from the fibres. But besides simply removing the stains, it also sterilises the fibres with high heat, killing the bacteria and viruses that you can’t see.
In essence, steam cleaning is two treatments in one: it delivers both cosmetic and health benefits.

The complete solution


As long as there are people living in your home, your carpet is bound to be subject to bacteria and viruses, as well as stubborn stains, throughout its lifetime.
But there are simple preventative strategies you can take to protect your home and family, including:
  • Vacuuming regularly

  • Keeping your carpet clean and dry, blotting spills immediately and cleaning with carpet shampoo or mild soap and water 

  • Considering carpeting only your bedrooms, or covering high-traffic areas with washable area rugs that can be rotated and replaced

  • Having your carpets professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year 



Terry’s Steam Cleaning Solutions have the professional knowledge, experience and equipment to prevent and treat both stubborn stains and the spread of germs in your carpets. We use only the best and safest products and techniques, and with our broad expertise, we can treat just about any type of carpet, and any type of problem.

We can also schedule services and reminders so you won’t have to remember to arrange your cleans, and your home and family will be protected year round. Contact us anytime to see how we can help you and your family live a cleaner, healthier life in your home.


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