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Terry’s Steam Cleaning Solutions are upholstery specialists. Due to our 23-year history in the industry, we have an excellent understanding of the different types of upholstery and have developed best practice for cleaning upholstered furniture.

Terry’s Steam Cleaning have decades worth of experience in both fabric upholstery and leather cleaning. Each type of upholstery requires a different process to receive the best results. Here is a brief explanation of our process for cleaning fabric and leather upholstery.

Fabric Upholstery

  • Firstly, we use special vacuum attachments to remove any fluff, pet hair, crumbs and general debris from the furniture.
  • Then the furniture is examined for any stains and spots, which are subsequently treated before the next stage.
  • Shampoo is applied to the upholstery and worked into the fabric, especially around head and base areas and arms of the chairs.
  • Finally, the whole suite is steam rinsed removing the shampoo and any soiling.


Fabric Upholstery Capabilities - Terry's Steam Cleaning


Leather Cleaning

Terry’s Steam Cleaning complete all our leather cleaning by hand.

  • We firstly soft wash the leather using a mild PH leather soap solution. This step takes time and is labour-intensive, however, it is vital in removing soiling and perspiration, which causes the surface of the leather to age.
  • After the soft wash, the leather is rinsed thoroughly and towel-dried.
  • We then liberally apply a leather conditioner, gently working it in to help revitalise and protect the surface.
  • When dry, the leather is lightly buffed with a cloth and is left soft and supple.

To prevent the build-up of damaging oils and substances, it’s generally recommended that you have your leather furniture professionally cleaned around twice a year.

For more information regarding our fabric or leather cleaning process, don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly experts on (07) 3878 6000.


Leather Cleaning Capabilities - Terry's Steam Cleaning


The longevity of upholstery relates directly to how well it's treated. So, to help maintain the condition of your upholstered furniture, you need to be aware of when it needs professional cleaning. If your upholstery is due for a professional clean and you ignore the signs, you could be permanently damaging your furniture.

The following five signs are a strong indication that you need your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned.

1. Pet Hair

Upholstered furniture is a difficult location to remove pet hair from. A simple vacuum will remove some hair, as will lint rollers. However, neither method nor a combination is sure to remove all the hair. So, if your furniture permanently features pet hair, it is time for a professional clean. Terrys Steam Cleaning doesn’t just remove the pet hair but also the bacteria and dirt that coincidences with having pets on your furniture. 

2. Couch Stains

Spilling things on the couch is almost unavoidable, especially if you have children. Everything from berries, juice, red wine, tomato sauce can stain upholstered furniture.
Before attempting any DIY cleaning, make sure you read the care instructions for your upholstery, which should be found on tags underneath your couch, chair or couch cushions. Often your intuition, or the internet, will tell you to do something that will ultimately damage your furniture, so please be careful. It’s always best to contact a professional before attempting any DIY stain removal.

3. Upholstery Odours

In high traffic areas of your house, the upholstered furniture may begin to get an odour. If you do notice that your furniture has smells, please contact a professional cleaner to discuss your options. The internet may offer you lots of different spray concoctions to help remove odour, however, none guarantee success and may be doing more harm than good.

4. ‘Grubby looking’ upholstery

Light coloured upholstery may begin to discolour or darken with high-use over a couple of years. In bad cases, someone’s ‘usual’ spot will be noticeably darker or off coloured when compared to other sections of the couch or furniture suite. Don’t just put on a couch cover to mask the colour change, after all, discoloured furniture is an obvious sign that a sign that your upholstery needs a professional clean.

5. Increase in Allergies

A common cause of household allergies for people are dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic relatives of spiders that can live on upholstered furniture. The best way to control dust mites is to regularly clean blankets and cushions you have on your furniture. However, if your regular blanket and pillow cleaning isn't reducing your allergies, it could be time to have your couch professionally cleaned. 

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